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hal-01209786v1  Conference papers
Didier DupontKéra NyembJulien JardinValérie Briard-BionCatherine Guérin-Dubiard et al.  From gel structure to digestion: the egg white model
4th International Conference of Food Digestion, Institut National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA). UMR Science et Technologie du Lait et de l'Oeuf (1253)., Mar 2015, Naples, Italy
hal-01544627v1  Conference papers
Didier DupontKéra NyembCatherine Guérin-DubiardFrancoise Nau. How structure and assembly across different length scales influence protein digestion
2. Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium - from Molecules to Functionality, Feb 2016, Singex, Singapore
hal-01189918v1  Conference poster
Kéra NyembJulien JardinDavid CauseurCatherine Guérin-DubiardDidier Dupont et al.  How food protein structure can modulate the protein digestion behaviour: Evaluation by nutritional peptidomics
Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium from Molecules to Functionality, Mar 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2014
hal-01209854v1  Conference poster
Kéra NyembM. Shane RutherfurdCatherine Guérin-DubiardDidier DupontFrancoise Nau. How the matrix characteristics of egg white gel influence the in vivo gastric digestion process: Spatio-temporal mapping
6.International Symposium on “Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems: Physically inspired approaches from the nanoscale to the microscale”, Jul 2015, Paris, France. , 2015
hal-01603787v1  Conference poster
Francoise NauKéra NyembT BoucherCatherine Guérin-DubiardM. Ferrua et al.  Exploring in vivo gastric digestion of egg white gels: impact of the initial gel structure and texture
5. International Conference on Food Digestion, Apr 2017, Rennes, France. , 2017