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hal-01233407v1  Conference papers
Pierre SantagostiniMorgan GarbezSabine Demotes-MainardLydie Huché-ThélierVincent Guérin et al.  Analyse sensorielle en horticulture ornementale
AgroStat 2014: 13èmes Journées Agro-Industrie et Méthodes Statistiques, Mar 2014, Rabat, Maroc
hal-01400014v1  Conference papers
Jessica BerthelootFrancois BarbierFrédéric BoudonMaria-Dolores Perez-GarciaThomas Péron et al.  Sucrose interacts with auxin in the burst of axillary buds
11e colloque National de la Société Française de Biologie Végétale, Jul 2016, Angers, France
hal-02742416v1  Conference poster
François BarbierThomas PeronMarion LecerfMaria Dolores Perez-GarciaQuentin Barrière et al.  Sucrose promotes cytokinin synthesis and auxin export during axillary bud outgrowth
Auxins and Cytokinins in Plant Development, Jun 2014, Prague, Czech Republic. 2014
hal-02743168v1  Conference papers
Latifa HamamaDenis CesbronLinda VoisineMarion LecerfC. Jareno et al.  Effects of carbohydrate sources and BAP concentrations on In vitro morphogenesis of four rose genotypes
8th International Symposium on In Vitro Culture and Horticultural, Jul 2013, Coimbra, Portugal. pp.9
hal-02742129v1  Conference papers
Camille Li MarchettiCamille Le BrasDaniel RelionSoulaiman SakrPhilippe Morel et al.  Effects of Genotype x Environment interaction on plant architecture in rose
25th International EUCARPIA Symposium Section on Ornamentals - Crossing Borders, Jun 2015, Melle, Belgium. pp.7
hal-02739361v1  Conference papers
Adrien CorotNathalie LeducSoulaiman SakrSabine Demotes-Mainard. Control by light intensity of bud outgrowth along the axis of Rosa hybrida"Radrazz”
11. Colloque National de la SFBF (Société Française de Biologie Végétale), Jul 2016, Angers, France
hal-02950680v1  Conference poster
Anaïs JouaultVincent GuérinSéverine LemariéS CordierG. Guignard et al.  Application of news films converting sunlight spectrum for melon crop under low tunnels.
International Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Management for Innovative Greenhouses (GreenSys), Jun 2019, Angers, France
hal-01851779v1  Conference poster
Adrien CorotHanaé RomanJessica BerthelootNathalie LeducSoulaiman Sakr et al.  What are the contributions of cytokinins, abscisic acid and sugars in bud outgrowth regulation by light intensity in rose?
VII International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation, Jul 2017, Angers, France. INRA, 2017, VII International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation July 2-7, 2017 Angers (France) Abstract book
hal-02950625v1  Conference papers
Anne SchneiderFrédéric BoudonSabine Demotes-MainardLydie LedroitMaria Dolores Perez-Garcia et al.  Modeling branching under different light intensity regimes: integrating the role of hormones and sugars.
International symposium on advanced technologies and management for innovative greenhouses (GreenSys), Jun 2019, Angers, France
hal-03339442v1  Conference papers
Latifa HamamaDenis CesbronLinda VoisineMarion LecerfC. Jareno et al.  Effects of carbohydrate source and BAP concentration on in vitro morphogenesis of four Rose genotypes
8th International Symposium on In Vitro Culture and Horticultural Breeding, 2013, Coimbra, Portugal. pp.75-83
hal-02587675v1  Conference papers
Etienne E. ChantoiseauPierre-Emmanuel BournetSoulaiman SakrPatrice CannavoLydie Huche-Thelier et al.  Using greenhouse to emulate urban conditions for plants experimentations
7th international conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture IHC2018, Aug 2018, Istanbul, Turkey. 8p